Vanity Planet Groove Scalp Massager (Minty Green) Rejuvenating Handheld Shampoo Brush, 2-Speed Vibrating, Water Resistant: Beauty

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REJUVENATING SCALP MASSAGER: The Vanity Planet Groove scalp massager shampoo brush is a gently vibrating handheld massager that gives you all the benefits of a salon scalp massage with 2 customized speed settings.

PERFECT SIZE SHOWER BRUSH: Groove Rejuvenating Scalp Massager is safe, water-resistant, and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand; allowing you to use as little or as much pressure as you’d like.?

GENTLE SCALP EXFOLIATOR: It has flexible rubber tips that comfortably stimulate and exfoliate your scalp, while lathering up the shampoo, distributing the conditioner, or hydrating hair oil. You can also use the Vanity Planet Rejuvenating Scalp Massager outside of the shower to unwind.

RELAXATION AND STRESS RELEASE: Forget about the salon style hair shampoo, Groove scalp massage offers multiple benefits. It increases blood flow to your scalp to promote hair growth, boost hair lustre, and can help to control or even eliminate dandruff, while vibrations simultaneously offering a relaxing massage.

VERSATILE: Groove scalp massager runs on one AA battery (not included) that makes it easy to use, safe under shower, and ready to carry. Though it is perfect for sink or shower use, please note that it is not intended to be submerged under water


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10 reviews for Vanity Planet Groove Scalp Massager (Minty Green) Rejuvenating Handheld Shampoo Brush, 2-Speed Vibrating, Water Resistant: Beauty

  1. Rachel Terrell

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     This is a really POWERFUL as all massager. It feels incredible on my scalp and will definitely be a staple for me to use for my hair routine. I sprayed some water mixed with a few drops of peppermint essential oil on my LOCS and used the massager and it felt so amazing, my scalp feels tingly and clean. I love it. It requires one AA battery and it comes with a tiny screwdriver to unscrew the back and put the battery in. Just make sure the back is on tight when you put it back on so it doesn’t get wet if you use this in the shower. Great product!

  2. Zauberwald

    Holy smokes… one use, and I am hooked! I used this with my favorite co-wash (As I Am), and it felt incredible! I occasionally suffer from dandruff/buildup on my scalp, which is why I purchased this tool, and I will be using it every time I shampoo/co-wash.

  3. Yoana De Jesus

    This thing is so cool, it even comes with a cute little screw driver for the battery placement. The only thing I don’t like is that its a lot of vibration so after a while your hands get tired and you have to switch.

  4. Kate

    I just got the massager today and of course I tried it right away. It is wonderful! The silicone pikes are not sharp and feel really good on scalp. I only used the first sped and it is more than enough of vibration for me. I think second speed is a little too much. I got mint color and it looks very nice too. The shape and size is perfect, not too small, not too bid and very comfortable to hold. I am very happy with the purchase and would recommend this massager to anyone.Update: I have been using the massager for about 2 weeks now, and I absolutely love it! Very comfortable to hold, feels great on scalp. My roots do not hurt anymore, I think because of increased blood circulation after regular massages. I will continue using it. Recommend it for sure!

  5. Lisa

    I love this thing, use it everytime I wash my hair or deep condition it, I had a bald spot in the crown of my head before I started using this, now its gone.

  6. MEB7S63

    I love this! The bombshell blue is gorgeous and it works great! I appreciate it came with a mini screw driver and adding 1 AA battery was easy. It just works very well and it massages very well. Vibration is great! I haven’t used shampoo with it but I do use it to massage my scalp. I did notice that it does what it claims to do and that is stimulating blood circulating, massaging, and breaking up dead skin. I will for sure be ordering another one again sometime! I love it! My advise: GET IT!

  7. Tammi

    I have very fine, curly hair (3c/4a) so I need to make sure my scalp is clean so my curls look their very best. I love this! It doesn’t tangle my hair, the vibrations are relaxing, and most importantly my scalp feels clean with no product build up. I also use it at night to stimulate hair growth with some oils. I do make sure to dry the battery compartment after I’ve used it in the shower so there isn’t any rust issue later on.

  8. Marz

    I use this product almost every day. It’s easy to use, its has 3 settings which are great.I don’t and wouldn’t suggest using the massager in the shower bc I can see that water would get into the battery area easily and make the product useless.

  9. Amazon Customer

    I bought this after seeing one of my fave beauty vloggers brag about it… Not going to lie I was a bit skeptical but I suffer from a very dry scalp so I thought it was worth a shot. LET ME TELL YOU, this product is everything. It makes my scalp feel amazing and I swear this gives me an extra day before I have to wash my hair again. Not to mention it feels so great on the scalp. If you suffer form a dry itchy scalp you need this in your life. It’s a game changer!


    I do not use my scalp massager in the shower, so I can not attest to it’s water resistance. I’ve had to change the battery once in the months that I’ve had it. (I was using it daily for 12-20 minutes at a time). It works well, I have noticed an increased growth rate of my hair.

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