Buband No-Bounce High-Impact Extra Sports Bra Support

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80% Nylon, 20% Spandex

The ORIGINAL Būband – Adds extra support to any sports bra. Covered in high-performance fabric that is soft, quick-drying and chafe-free. Sturdy, high-quality hook and eye closures (NOT Velcro)

“This simple product eliminates the need to wear two sports bras and the dreaded boob bounce you can experience on the run.” – WOMEN’S RUNNING

“The Buband does exactly what it says it does: minimizes bounce, comfortably and conveniently. It goes over an ordinary sports bra to turn it into a super mega sports bra: no bounce, ever.” – LIFEHACKER

“The Buband helps decrease breast lifting or bouncing and prevents the Cooper’s ligament (which provides form and structure) from stretching further.” – 2016 RUNNING GEAR GUIDE, COMPETITOR RUNNING

SIZING INFORMATION found in Product Description below. Available in black and white.


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10 reviews for Buband No-Bounce High-Impact Extra Sports Bra Support

  1. Brittany Dreger

    HOW, HOW, HOW have I lived without this for so many years and hundreds of miles of running with a 38DD bra size?! This item is a MIRACLE and I will never, ever, EVER, run without it again! It’s just what us well endowed runners need to drastically reduce bounce! I don’t say eliminate, because, well, that’s not even possible if you duct tape those suckers! My first few runs in the Buband took a little getting used to with the tighness feeling around the chest, but it’s well worth the 95% bounce reduction! I just make sure I take about 8 super deep breaths, hold my breath for 5-10 seconds, and exhale, just before leaving for my runs to really get my lungs warmed up (which we should be doing anyway before runs) and the Buband tightness feeling goes away within the first few minutes of my runs. FABULOUS product! I’ll be buying more of these for sure!!

  2. E. Hunt

    Yes, it squishes my boobs into a funny shape. Yes, I still prefer my industrial strength, impossible-to-take-off specialty running bra for long runs of, say, 45 minutes or longer. But for most of my running this Buband has elevated my many mediocre sports bras into serviceable running bras.For 32D/DD I got a Small and it fits great on the looser hooks.

  3. Mary A. V. Green

    I have spent probably close to $1000 trying to find a bra that would keep me from bouncing while playing tennis. I even tried the brand of bra Serena Williams wears. NOTHING worked. I figured Id give this a whirl, figuring it wasn’t going to work either, but boy was I pleasantly surprised. This thing REALLY does work. For the first time my mind was completely on my game and not on my big stupid bouncy boobs. I played the best tennis of my life! It was very comfortable. It slipped up a little a couple of times. I had it on the middle clasp. I’m 36D, VERY bouncy. I bought a large. In fact, I just bought 2 more of them

  4. Kindle Customer

    It rides up, smooshes my boobs does, I take it off the second i am done working out, but it works. It works!!!! I wear 2-3 sports bras and still bounce all over the place. This product stops the bounce. It really works.

  5. Jeremy R.

    My husband purchased the Buband for me and I just had to come back and review it. I’ve always had a large chest and have had to modify certain exercises to the best of my ability (like literally holding my boobs while I’m running outside… not fun), but since having baby #3 early this year, I’ve ballooned to a 36DDD. I tried to get back into my workout routine, but any movement was completely out of the question due to the size of my chest and honestly the pain associated to the exercise. Enter Buband. Seriously, this little piece of material is a life saver! Hubby ordered size large and it fits perfectly. My bounce has reduced significantly and there is no longer any pain when I work out. I wear it over my shirt and have no problems with the way it looks or feels. I am so glad to have this- I can work out bounce and pain free and that is totally worth the fifty bucks!

  6. Sara

    I don’t have huge boobs (38D) and I wear heavy duty sports bras. But this hasn’t stopped my post baby/nursing boobs from moving so much that high impact exercise is uncomfortable. This band really tames the sisters down! I use it for bootcamp and can now do jumping jacks, high knees, mountain climbers and all the other ‘fun’ exercises that were just too uncomfortable to do for very long without the band.I wear it over a thin tank top and under a shirt. It does look odd but totally worth it! I haven’t had trouble with it rolling up or down and it hasn’t chaffed. Doesn’t bother me at all to wear physically but it is defintely visible. Worth it!

  7. Gmw

    I LOVE THIS! My Buband helps keep me focused on my form and movement instead of my boobs. Yes, it’s great for the high-impact activities like running and jumping rope, but it’s also great for activities like yoga and weight training. I just don’t worry about what’s happening with my bust when I’m wearing my Buband. My boobs don’t fall in my face when I’m in down dog or other inverted positions. I can worry about completing Burpees correctly instead of what my boobs are doing. The Buband has proved itself as a very helpful piece of work out equipment for me. It’s as functional and important as my high impact sports bras. The Buband is for all sizes and all activities. I plan to buy another one because mine is not as comfortable if I don’t wash it after every use.

  8. Helen Rizzi

    This thing is weird, but amazing! I’m a 34 DDD… so finding bras isn’t exactly easy in the first place. To run, I usually wear two sports bras and then an athletic top with a built in shelf bra. I have had to stop running because the straps of my bras are digging in to my shoulders. I’ve been on one run with the buband, and it was awesome! It is tight, so I had to consciously try to belly breathe, but it wasn’t a huge distraction. I can run and do jumping jacks and I had NO RED MARKS on my shoulders after my run!! I was also so much cooler without my multiple layers that I might actually be able to run outside in the summer.This band never slipped, and an unexpected bonus is that it’s placement on my chest acted almost like a modesty panel.Some reviews complained about the weird shape this gives your chest, but I’m personally not running to put on a show for others. This keeps me secure and comfortable so I can improve my health and look my best while NOT in running gear. Very cool product.

  9. Jessica Y.

    At a 28GG, I was dubious this would work. I usually wear a Panache Sport and add a Shock Absorber over the top for running. With the Buband, I didn’t need the rib-compressing, breathing-inhibiting second bra! It was also easier to add or remove, and easier to adjust than the second bra. If you’re like me and need to reduce the bouncing above your bra, try this. If you need more overall support or to limit downward motion, look at a better fitting or different style bra instead. (Google abrathatfits or “a sophisticated pair bra sizing”) Size down if you’re on the cusp.

  10. Girl123

    I have D/DDs that are extra bouncy in a very noticeable way. Idk what’s wrong with them, but no matter what kind of sports bra I wear, they bounce and I’m always very afraid of stretching those ligaments and making them more saggy/bouncy so I can’t do a lot of cardio workouts.This completely stops all bounce and I can finally actually run instead of using the elliptical and do JUMPING JACKS! Omg. I’m always so embarrassed about half-assing my jumping jacks in fitness classes because I don’t want people to think I’m that out of shape. But now I can do everything.It’s pretty comfortable too. Not for extended periods of time but for a workout, it’s great.

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